1. Parade


    The Salmon River Bridge on Jeddore Harbour was the location of this parade. It was an open event for adults and children and it started in 2006, a few years before the founding members of our group got together in 2008. This is the event where our group began to plan our own future as proffessional pirates for hire at Tall Ships, Corporate, Weddings and other private events.

  2. Tall Ships

    First Year Working !

    2009 was our first Tall Ship year and it was a fantastic hit! Tourists rated our pirate group as the second biggest attraction at the waterfront next to the Tall Ships! We drew large crowds who wanted to take pictures of pirates with Tall Ships in the background for keepsakes when they returned home from Halifax, Nova Scotia and we delivered with our unique and authentic style!

    During this first year working together we were all over the media in television, radio and newspapers. We sure felt good about entertaining the public. Imagine getting hired to enjoy yourself – Crazy!

  3. More Clients

    Corporate Events

    Our corporate events expanded as well as the number of other pirates in our area that we enjoyed working with as additional help during various public events too!

    This is a picture of Captains Jack Sparrah and Davy Jones!

  4. Huge Events


    Inspired by another release of the popular Pirates of the Caribbean movie, we continued along our path enjoying the growing pirate community while entertaining the public.

    Highlights of this year were meeting Jack Layton (NDP party leader) and his sister. Also, this was the year we were hired to entertain at the The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) which has been the national voice of municipal government since 1901. Over 3000 guests were in attendance at Halifax Cunard centre!

  5. Tall Ships 2012

    Another Tall Ship Year!

    With years of experience and popularity in various media, we were hired once again by the Halifax Waterfront Development Corp. to entertain the crowds at Tall ships 2012. Thousands of tourists and local visitors came to the waterfront and jostled for position to get pictures of our most authentic look with Tall Ships all along the waterfront and in out ports such as Port Hawksbury

    This year was very busy with almost every summer weekend and several week days booked solid. Larger crowds were drawn to every event that we made public.

  6. coming of age

    Enjoying Our Craft

    During 2013 we enjoyed the Tall ships tour in the Great Lakes, Toronto and Cleveland and also had fun here Halifax too! We enjoyed lots of events like this wedding in the picture aboard the Tall ship Silva and many others that were sometimes featured in magazines and newspapers. Our reputation for natural method acting preceded us at events.

  7. Our Ship

    Theme Parks !

    During this year we had plenty of work at Upper Clements  theme park, Tall Ships and various corporate events.

    This is a picture of Scully Bones shooting off the blunder buss on our own home ship Liana’s Ransom!

  8. Festivals

    More Festivals !

    We saw more pirate festivals during 2015. Digby Scallop Days and Liverpool Privateer Days supported our group. We love multi-day festivals as much as Tall Ship festivals !

  9. Time For Change

    More Festivals !

    St Peter’s, Nova Scotia was very supportive to our group as we worked with their festival to keep their pirate spirit alive in this great town.

    Once again, we were called back to support the Liverpool Privateer Days and we invigorated the crowds and created thunderous explosions for the inhabitants of Liverpool from our blunderbuss!

  10. Tall Ships 2017

    The Greatest Year Yet !

    2017 Was another Tall Ship year for Halifax, Nova Scotia. We enjoyed entertaining along the waterfront and at out ports such as St Peters, NS.

    The corporate and festival events were most enjoyable as we went about our craft educating children with pirate stories, causing mayhem in the towns and invigorating townsfolk with blasts from our black powder weapons!

    Our home ship, Schooner Lianas Ransom, was working in the Caribbean and participating in the Grand Cayman Pirate Festival so we had to commandeer other Tall Ships in our harbour.

  11. Leading Change

    Grand Plans!

    2018 was filled with corporate events, a trip to Grand Cayman Island and festivals including Digby Scallop Days and St Peter’s Pirate Festival! We also did a few walk-abouts and even got out on the Tall Ship Silva for a floating corporate event in Halifax harbour. Being our 10th anniversary, we figured it’s time to start our own Halifax based annual event to support the local Pirates, Privateers and other scallywags wishing to finish off the year with a blast so the planning began on that.

    in 2019 we will be bringing home our ship, Liana’s Ransom, from Grand Cayman Island in time to tie up along side for “International Talk Like a Pirate Day” – September 19th! Stay Tuned !

Keep to the Code

The Four Captains

Captain Jack Sparrah

Savvy Pirate Extraordinaire

Captain Skully Bones

Master of Arms and Prop Design

Captain Long Stride

Artist, Leatherman and Craftsman

Captain Davy Jones

Scallywag / Producer