Our Work Flow


Make Contact

Get in touch and let us know what you're thinking.... Is this for a 3 day event or is it 3 hours? You know the coordinates so this is where we discuss details of the parlay. We have black powder boom makers, a REAL pirate ship and many props too. We can teach the young ones about piracy while telling stories about the golden age of piracy! You decide what you want and let us know.


Thinking Time

After a few days any last thoughts about the event are discussed and the timing is firmed up.


Performance Agreement

We draft up a performance agreement and send it for your review. If all looks good you sign and return it to us.


We've come to an accord

We remain flexible because the performance agreement is the set terms that keep both parties on the same page. Life always has surprises so if you want changes before the performance date, get in touch and we can parlay once again.